Haymik Math Helper

Math Resources for the 21st century

The team at Haymik have developed new and innovative math resources for the 21st century. Called the Haymik Math Helpers each product specifically designed, for a succession of learning experiences, from pre- schoolers to years ten or eleven, or for older students who struggle with maths. Using these helpers, children can use both manipulative and visualisation processes to gain both knowledge and an understanding of a mathematical concept. Resources that not only give answers, but helps them initially to gain a basic overall understanding of a mathematical concept and then to progress to a more sophisticated overall understanding of  strategies and techniques needed to solve problems accurately and efficiently.




Saves you time and effort, no specialised knowledge needed.

Children learn by discovery, gaining both knowledge and an understanding of mathematical concepts.  Manipulating these “helpers” children can visualise the act of addition, subtraction, and multiplication, developing competence and clever strategies to solve mathematical problems.


 Great tools to have in class, they help in the active learning process – active mentally, physically, and emotionally. Children enjoy working in pairs, using the discovery approach with these tools; to find solutions for a mathematical problem set by their teacher. Where each child’s method and answer reveals the extent of his or her reasoning and comprehension of the techniques and processes being presented. Children who “think through” mathematics in this way gain more in confidence and knowledge by their own discoveries than by trying to recall memorised rules. and facts. 


Easy to use, simple to learn, by manipulating them, we found many different solutions for a given problem. We discovered patterns and relationships between numbers and the way in which there are represented, using these “helpers”, we developed accuracy, efficiency and confidence.