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Welcome to Haymik website called “A+ Math Resources” for the 21st century. 
Your first stop to foster and develop mathematical talent in your children, by buying new and innovative slide rules called “Haymik Math Helpers”.
These helpers have been specifically designed for a succession of learning experiences, from pre-schoolers to years ten or eleven, or for older students who struggle with math, to equip them for the 21st century with competence and clever strategies to solve mathematical problems.
The Haymik Math Helpers are number line slide rules that help in the active learning process - active mentally, physically and emotionally. Children use both manipulative and visualisation processes to gain knowledge and an understanding of a mathematical concept.  Concepts or process easily learnt on Haymik Helpers include: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions.  Using the random practise approach with these tools, children find their own solutions for a mathematical problem, learning new strategies and methods. Extending his or her reasoning and comprehension of the techniques and process used, children who “think through” mathematics in this way, gain more skill and confidence by their own sense of achievement than trying to recall memorised rules.
Benefits & Features: Reversibility, Partitioning', Rounding and compensation Skip counting, Doubles and near doubles
Commutative Slide rule strategies and clever techniques are easily taught
The name Haymik is a derivative of Hayden and Mikyla our two grandchildren who needed pops to help them with their math homework. In an endeavour to help Hayden and Mikyla improve their mathematical talent, The old slide rule was reinvented by turning it into a number line slide rule that made learning and understanding the procedure of addition and subtraction so much easier; and now call them “Haymik Math Helpers”. 
The inventiveness and success children have, soon had teachers asking for additional resources similar with numbers up to 100, help with multiplication, and fractions and conversion to percentages and decimals.
Using information from the Ministry of Education’s math advisors and discussions with teachers, the team at Haymik Enterprises have developed a variety of unique and innovative slide rules to help children master these mathematical processes. Check out Hayden and Mikyla’s conversation  
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